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Built on Talent

Blocks Brokerage brings together talented agents, world-class creatives, forward-thinking data analysts, and expert strategists to better serve our clients.

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The Blocks Brokerage Team

01 Who We Are

Operating Valley-wide, we're a passionate team of real-estate professionals and entrepreneurs dedicated to making it easier for Arizonans to find their dream home.

Blocks Brokerage is a community-first real estate company. By investing heavily in hyper-local technology and marketing, we provide better solutions to empower agents and connect families with their ideal community.

Real estate is so much more than property, it's a collection of blocks. Blocks of building materials create the spaces in which we live within neighborhoods formed from eccentric blocks that form community. We exist to help our clients navigate and succeed within today's ever-changing industry.

The Streets of Phoenix From Above

Meet Our Team Of Experts

Susan Talarico

22 years of experience, a domination of niche sub-markets, and a multi-million dollar producer herself, Susan has seen it all and is always standing by to provide an experienced, friendly ear.

Tim Parker

President of Highform. Creative Director for two luxury brokerages. Technology Director for a national real estate powerhouse. Tim is dedicated to building products, elevating brands, and capturing new markets.

Tim Harmon

From serving as Marketing Director to a national property management firm, to traveling the globe providing visuals to A-list artists, to parsing millions of data points, Tim is a digital expert, at your disposal.

Carmen Williams

With over 10 years of experience overseeing residential transactions, supporting agents, and ensuring brokerage success, Carmen stresses the small details to ensure our deals move forward and our clients are informed.

Richard Pomraning

An architectural photographer by trade, paired with a unique understanding of new media marketing methodologies, Richard has spent the last 8 years specializing in making properties famous.

Christian Johnson

From brokerage branding, agent marketing, creative listing packages, user interface design, and print media, Christian oversees all visual design and production projects for Blocks Brokerage and our team of agents.

Willa Eigo

Going from managing marketing operations for a New York City lifestyle agency, to doing deals on the ground in downtown Phoenix, Willa's experience uniquely qualifies her to complement our agents’ business.

Susan Talarico
Tim Parker
Tim Harmon
Carmen Williams
Richard Pomraning
Christian Johnson
Willa Eigo

Blocks & Highform Exclusive Marketing Partnership

Every agent and every listing is professionally planned, designed, produced, and executed by Highform, a best-in-class real estate marketing agency, specializing in bringing beautiful product to market.

Highform's relationship with Blocks Brokerage is exclusive. Their services are not offered to any other Arizona brokerage. Allowing us to uniquely leverage their experience representing over $2B+ in properties throughout the United States.

Blocks Brokerage For Sale Sign on Roosevelt

02 Marketing

With a wide-ranging team of creatives, engineers, copywriters, and analysts hailing from art, media, interiors, fashion, and advertising backgrounds, our team is always standing by to support our agents in expertly crafting narratives, visuals, campaigns, and experiences to better serve their clients.

We supercharge our agent's ability to market, negotiate, and operate.

Blocks helps our agents to find their niche and streamline all operations.

A brand is more than a logo, it's a story that resonates. We work with every agent to find their voice, and create robust assets to support it.


We use data to see which direction your business is most likely to flow, then build a custom, stable action plan around the findings.


Collateral that does more than just sell property, it captures attention, starts conversations, and inspires decisions.


Our world-class media team has provided listing marketing packages for every asset type across over 20 markets nationally.


Digital campaigns that serve web-wide advertisements targeted by segmented psychographic parameters, across old and new media channels.


A website is our virtual office, where prospective clients "meet" and engage with us. We purpose-build digital experiences that perform.


Our Results

The results of the agents and teams we've worked with speak for themselves.

Value of properties marketed
Average higher sale price
Reduction in time on market
Team Workplace

03 Culture

We are dedicated to building communities whether internally, as a brokerage, or externally, helping our clients find their own personal perfection in Arizona.

Our Playbook

Tried-and-true principles, guided by a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Less competition among our team, and better representation for our clients.

Fewer agents

We will never nickel and dime our agents with franchise fees, tech fees, E&O fees, or otherwise.

Never charge a fee

No one is an expert on everything. We cultivate a community that works stronger together.

Collaboration is key

Harness market-level and psychographic data to make informed decisions.

Data tells stories

Clients are better served by those with deep expertise in specific sub-markets.

Develop a niche

Don’t fear failure, learn from it. We’re ready to help our agents pivot with the market.

Move fast and evolve
Community is everything

We engage with
high-growth communities.

Illustration of Downtown Phoenix
Community is about more than just a collection of homes, it's where neighbors come together. It's where we can be our best self, without fear of judgement. We believe every Arizonan deserves to find their perfect block.
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Rooted in the communities we serve.

Our main office is located in the Roosevelt neighborhood of downtown Phoenix. This central location in the Arizona's foremost neighborhood renown for architecture, arts, and eclectic amenities has allowed us to recruit the most talented operations team in the industry.

Visit Us: 323 W Roosevelt St, Suite 200
Phoenix, AZ 85003

Susan Talarico Casual Photo
In an industry dominated by national chain brokerages, the most disruptive thing we can do is think and act hyper-locally, in service of our clients.

Data collected & matched from over 1,000,000+ sources.

Blocks brokerage's proprietary Buyer and Seller Intelligence allows our team to pull up-to-the-minute, live data, providing a robust breakdown of consumer behavior and psychographic data specific to in-market buyers.